I have been wearing shapewear under my clothes for about 10 years if not longer and I would never have the full result that I was looking for it was detectable it would move I would have to pull it down it just gave me a bad experience overall so I decided to create a shapewear product that was undetectable that would provide a great result made out of quality materials, shapewear was my only misson in the beginning but we have moved on to creating great products for all women of all shapes and sizes to help achieve this one goal:

The Perfect Experience with your Body

Shaped By Sage is delivering the best shapewear women can buy to give you that confidence when you walk in a room, to give that hourglass figure,to help you shed a few pounds it is all for helping you becoming a better version of you. We as women all want and need different things to all achieve the same goal:

Get Shaped By Sage

When you create a business you have to do it with dedication from the heart you have to have trust in yourself in your idea that what you are doing is the best thing for you and you have to believe and most importantly you have to have standards for your business for yourself for your clients.